Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The Dryden Ski Club is excited to announce it’s fall membership sale! This opportunity will last until November 15th with the option for last year’s Alpine members to receive a discount due to our shortened season.

At this time, our COVID strategy will be that our capacity within the chalet is limited and all patrons must wear a mask. A vaccine passport must be presented when patrons are planning to dine within our chalet, however all other activities within the chalet will not require patrons to present a passport. This means that rental purchases, food purchases and washroom use within the facility does not require the proof of vaccination within the chalet.

Our weekly hours for the 2021-2022 season are as follows:

Wednesday 5pm to 9pm

Friday 5pm to 9pm

Saturday 11am to 4pm

Sunday 11am to 4pm

We are excited to have you at our resort and provide you a welcoming experience for this 2021-2022 season!


The Dryden Ski Club is excited to host its second ever K9 Fun Run Poker Derby. The event is meant for all community members to feel like a part of our ski community. There will be prizes awarded in various categories and cash prizes for the best poker hands. This is a fun event for everyone - bike, hike or run with your dog! Rain or shine. - All participants must buy a poker hand - All dogs must be attached by leash or line to their person at all times. - No food or water will be available during the event due to COVID-19. There will be water available for the dogs. - A portable washroom will be on site for the event there will be a bonfire to warm up with after your run/bike/hike

To register, click on the link: https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=26967https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=26967

Come out for our last day of Alpine Skiing and the Annual Slush Bowl! There will be live music, a BBQ and lots of fun for everyone. All passes are half-day rates and we will be open from 11am-4pm.


Dryden Ski Club